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    The more you pack into your life as a student at Middlesex, the more you'll get out

    Your new life on campus

    At Middlesex we've got one of the biggest and most equipped campuses in Mauritius. Everything you need is here - you can try new things, gain new skills and make the most of your time at university and around the island.

    Whether you’re keen to join a society, get to the SPARC sport centre or hang out with your new Middlesex family, we have a few suggestions below on how you can get involved with life on campus.

    Join a club or society

    Our 13 clubs and societies reflect the diverse nature of our student body, with everything from Bollywood to Mauritian Sega. Get involved in the social side of student life while developing your skills in debating, music or being part of our football team.

    Create one of your own

    If your ideal society does not exist, setting it up will be easy with administrative support from us every step of the way.

    Events on campus

    Something for everyone

    Our campus is always buzzing with live music and other events throughout the year where you can soak up the festive atmosphere.

    There's always something to match your interests from Freshers' Week to the end of term.

    Support for your course and career

    We also host events on campus such as career open doors, to boost your job prospects and help you do better on your course. You can specifically look forward to careers fairs, postgraduate study events and talks about your subject.

    Get a student job

    Choose from part-time work opportunities on and off campus that fit around your studies and holidays. International students aged 16 or more holding a student visa of at least one year of validity are eligible to work a maximum of 20 hours per week in a part-time job, as per the rules and regulations imposed by the Passport and Immigration Office and the Ministry of Labour, Industries and Employment.

    More career support

    Our on-campus employability service is here to:

    • Support you to apply for student jobs
    • Help you find job vacancies tailored for Middlesex students
    • Connect you with a placement or internship through our links with employers
    • Advise you on getting the job you want after graduation.

    Get employment advice

    Contact our Employability Officer - Dalilah Kalla.


    Volunteer with us

    Middlesex students want to make a difference. We support charities, raise money and get involved in the local community. Volunteering provides a sense of relief by getting off campus for a few hours every now and then, and devoting yourself to something productive that allows you to take their mind away from the pressures of university life.

    If you want to give your time to a good cause, we'll find an opportunity to suit you – like setting up your own fundraising event.

    Faith and religion

    At Middlesex, we come from all over the world and we celebrate our different backgrounds and religions. We encourage you to connect with your faith when you study with us. There is a multi-faith room on campus and we're here to support you with any other facilities that you need.

    We also celebrate and hold a variety of religion-specific and multi-faith activities, programs and events on campus.

    Be part of a global community


    You'll study and socialise with students from all over the world on campus. Your new friends will open your mind to different viewpoints and new ideas - so you start to think differently.

    Live and study abroad

    The world is your campus when you go abroad. Consider combining your course through your years with study at one of our international campuses in LondonDubai or Malta.

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