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    Welcome to Paradise!

    Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere, in the south-eastern part of the Indian Ocean, north of the tropic of the Capricorn, 20° South Latitude and 57° Longitude East. Mauritius is part of southern Africa. The island represents about 91% of the total area of the Republic of Mauritius, covering 1 865 km². Its entire area is 2,040 km² which integrates several islands, islets and dependent coral reefs, including Rodrigues Island (10th district of Mauritius) and the archipelagos of Saint-Brandon and Agalega. Mauritius has about 330 km of coast, surrounded by a blue lagoon, which is itself protected by a barrier of coral reefs (Google Map – Mauritius).

    Mauritius has paved its way to become an international higher education hub catering for the needs of the region, especially those of the sub- Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Relying on its tradition of excellence, stability and pleasant living environment, Mauritius holds the trump card to becoming the new regional base for world-class education services.

    Mauritius Facts

    Population 1.261 million inhabitants according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.
    Religions Mauritius is a rainbow nation, with its population of about one and a half million islanders coming from a range of religious and ethnic backgrounds (Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus, among others) and living in perfect harmony.
    Languages English is the official language of the Republic of Mauritius — a sign of the 150-year-long attachment to the British crown. The administration and the official texts are in English. However, French and ‘kreol morisyen’ (Mauritian Creole) are the most commonly used languages by the population.
    Approximate distances from Mauritius 226 km to Reunion Island, 1,132 km to Madagascar, 3,318 km to the East African coast, 5 110 km to India, 7,722 km to Australia, 7,941 km to China, 9,400 km to France.
    Currency The official currency is the Mauritian Rupee (Rs.). The international code of the rupee is «MUR».
    Weather Mauritius enjoys a subtropical climate. Temperatures vary between 25° C and 35° C with Southeast trade winds. Temperatures are higher during the wet season from November to April and cooler during the dry season from May to October.

    Download our expat guide for on Mauritius (courtesy of expat.com)

    Our Location (Cascavelle, Flic en Flac)

    The Middlesex campus enjoys scenic views of the western coastline as well as convenient access to the golden beaches of the popular seaside town of Flic-en-Flac and its many attractions. It provides a nice place for taking an afternoon walk, engaging in water sports in the sheltered lagoon, sunbathing or simply relaxing.

    Located just 5 minutes walking distance from the campus is also the Cascavelle Shopping Village. It boasts of some 60 stores ranging from a supermarket to fashion (shoes, jewellery and accessories), sports items, home d├ęcor stores, karting and more. This diverse range of shopping options is complemented by a variety of food outlets.

    Visit Cascavelle Shopping Village's official Facebook page


    The surrounding Westcoast area also offers a wealth of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other night-time leisure venues catering for all interests.

    Other facilities available in Flic-en-Flac include banks, ATMs, Bureau de Change, internet cafes, a post office, clinics, pharmacies and a host of other necessities.

    Flic and Flac is also home to the Casella World of Adventures; the most visited attraction in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. This dynamic and vibrant park stands out for its diversity of leisure activities, including authentic safari tours, speedy off-road vehicle rides and extreme adventures taking you up in the air and above the forested lands.

    Visit the Casella World of Adventures website

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