Transferring credits
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    Transferring Credits

    We welcome students who have completed one or more years of study at a recognised and accredited university, college or higher education institution. Most of our undergraduate courses accept credit transfer entrants onto second and third year. However, courses that are subject to accreditation by professional bodies, such as LLB (Honours), Bachelor of Laws and BA (Honours) Accounting and Finance, do not permit credit transfer into third year.

    • Requirements

      All applicants must meet the standard entry criteria for Middlesex University. If you are seeking pre-accreditation, you should provide comprehensive information that will enable us to determine your suitability for credit transfer, including:

      • Curriculum and syllabus details
      • Certificates of completion, if applicable
      • Statement showing credits gained and grades/marks achieved
      • An explanation of the grading system.

      Suitability for credit transfer will be determined by:

      • The compatibility of the learning outcomes of your previous study with that of Middlesex University courses and modules
      • Your academic achievements – the grades on the transcripts for your previous study will be a key consideration
      • Your academic references and a personal statement.

      We do not offer pre-accreditation for postgraduate courses.

    • Articulation Agreements

      Where Middlesex University has articulation agreements with institutions and bodies awarding particular qualifications the transfer of credits is based upon pre-agreed academic criteria.

      If you have completed various stages of your studies with one of the following organisations, please contact our admissions office or the regional office:

      • Association of Business Executives (ABE)
      • Association of Computer Professionals (ACP)
      • BTEC/Edexcel
      • IMIS
      • Informatics
      • National Institute of Information Technology(NIIT)

      Candidates who have outstanding academic grades from these awarding bodies may be eligible for bursaries.

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