Scholarships for Chagossians
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    Scholarships for Chagossians


    Full fee waivers, free university accommodation, and a contribution toward living costs, for a period of 1 year (travel costs to Mauritius are not included).


    You must be of Chagossian descent ie. born on the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)/Chagos Archipelago, or are descended from someone who was and be eligible for the undergraduate/postgraduate programme that you have applied for.

    This Scholarship is new for the academic intakes February 2023 (Foundation and undergraduate) and September 2023 (for all levels) and has been given by the UK government as part of their commitment to deliver the Chagossian Support Package.

    The number of initial bursaries available is limited. If more applications are received than the number of bursaries available, bursary recipients will be selected on the basis of academic merit.

    Please register your interest for this scholarship by 10 January 2023 using this online form.

    If you have any general queries about the bursary scheme or studying at Middlesex University Mauritius, please contact Vanessa Ramchandar at

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